These super close up cat selfies are the positivity we need to wrap up 2016

The awfulness that is 2016 is nearly to its end, folks. But we’re not quite there yet. We know that some of you may be needing a mega-strong dose of positivity, and we have just the answer: cat selfies. And we’re talking the super close up kind of cat selfies! AKA the cutest.

If you’re all about the cats of Instagram, prepare to be madly in love. Like, seriously, there’s basically no way to look these absolutely adorable super cute cats in the eyes and not be immediately perked up.

If you need a boost, just stare these kitties RIGHT IN THE FACE for an instant rush of warm cuddles and good vibes.

Seriously, look at them. There’s no way to be sad when you’re looking these cuties in the eye. They’re so happy!

All we wanna do is run and take super close up cat selfies with our own kittens ASAP.

We literally cannot deal with all of this adorableness. Talk about a cuteness explosion. We wish we were kidding, but we’re tearing up a little bit.

Here’s to cat lady pride! There’s zero shame in our kitten-obsessed game.