These strangely delicate tiny floral tattoos have the cleanest lines we’ve ever seen

We love tattoos! And if you’re completely obsessed with small tattoos and absolutely stunning flower tattoos, than these cute, tiny floral tattoos will 100% wow you. Seriously, nothing pairs better with our edgiest looks quite like adorably delicate tiny floral tattoos. We can’t wait to get our next tattoo so we can get one of these beauties!

Plus, if it’s your first tattoo, these are a great intro to tattoos and what it *actually* feels like to have one done.

We actually have all the heart eyes for these amazingly soft, delicate tiny floral tattoos.

We totally dig delicate tattoos, and these ones are giving us all the feels.

How amazing are these?! Just look at all that detail.

As an added bonus, these nature tattoos are actual magic, and the perfect addition to tiny floral tattoos!

We heart these so much! Cheers to body art and small tattoos, friends.

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