These strange slime videos are surprisingly calming

A new trend is popping up online that might just be the thing you need to watch in order to relax. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a massage you can kick back and enjoy a few minutes of scrolling through videos of slime on Instagram. We’re not talking about Ghostbusters or Slime Time Live slime — we’re talking about a regular account called @sparklygoo which posts videos of slime being squeezed and squished for long periods of time.

So addictive! So relaxing! These videos join the ranks of paint-mixing videos and cooking demonstrations. They are short enough to not take that much time out of your day, but pack a mean punch when it comes to letting your brain go. Just listen to the soft squishing noises that the putty exhibits once inside the owner’s hand.

With colors that can rival space rocks, the putty can be a great gift to anyone struggling with stress in their lives. Maybe purchase a pack and squeeze it during your regular viewing of this channel.

What has us cracking up is the very obvious farting noise some of the putty exhibits when you poke it too quickly. Who cannot appreciate a fart joke?! Of course, you can still spend check out meditation classes or do yoga daily, but both can be augmented with a little putty party!

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