These “SNL” alums are teaming up to write a sitcom about high school, and we’re so ready for this

Do you know what happens when two former Saturday Night Live writers pen a sitcom together for NBC? Magic. Magic happens. Even better, these are writers you’re pretty familiar with, as both of them had some time in front of the camera during their stay on the show.

Seth Meyers and Mike O’Brien will be working on a half-hour comedy pilot that focuses on a high school biology teacher. Originally called AP Bio, the lead character is being written as a man with cynical wit and Ivy League roots. Not only do we think the plot sounds clever, but it’s also pretty original. And, let’s face it — we’re always fond of funny shows that center around high school.

And, yes — as expected, Lorne Michaels is also going to be involved.

While you might remember O’Brien for as being a featured player, he was actually a writer for the show for years prior to joining the cast in 2014.

But he only stayed on for one season — after that, he realized he was a little more comfortable in the writer’s room. While he left a year later, it looks like he still has a strong connection with Michaels.

Meyers has, of course, been a bit more visible since he left the show in 2014. He’s currently the host of Late Night with Seth Meyers, and has maintained a strong presence throughout election season.

We can’t wait to hear more about this show, and hope it eventually make it on air! Since it’s got so many talented people behind it, it’s almost a guaranteed win.

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