These sisters ended up coming out to each other as queer at the exact same time, and their text convo is perfection

Coming out as queer can often be a tumultuous time for many people. Not knowing how family and loved ones will react can cause stress, uncertainty, and just general inner turmoil. But two sisters turned a potentially nerve-wracking moment into a hilarious one, as both sisters ended up coming out as queer at the exact same time.

Kay, a 20-year-old student at Ryerson University in Toronto, sent a text to her younger sister that was quite unlike any that she had sent previously. In this text, Kay was determined to come out as queer to her younger sister. It was definitely spur-of-the-moment, but Kay said that “the time just felt right.”

But it wasn't just Sam's acceptance and heartfelt words of support that surprised Kay the most -- it was that Sam came out as bisexual in the same conversation!

After screenshots of the conversation were posted on social media, the sisters were met with such encouragement and support from others, who reacted strongly to the cuteness of the entire interaction.

And even though not everyone can have a safe, positive coming out experience, it gives us hope to see instances like with these two sisters, of how love and acceptance can make all of the difference.

And if you need some help coming out to family, check out this guide from Colorado State University’s Pride Resource Center!

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