These ‘Simpsons’ writers spent way too much time at Starbucks and created something amazing

A new animated series has entered the internet and it’s set at your local Starbucks. The new Starbucks web series created by The Simpsons writersJoel Cohen, John Frink and Rob LaZebnik, stars a cat barista named Diego (who has a man-bun) and his coworkers (Iggy the octopus) and regular customers like Chet, a beaver who tries waaaay too hard.

The idea for “1st & Main” came about after the writers spent a few too many times, er, working and brainstorming at Starbucks. “As much as we are supposed to be working, we are even better at procrastinating,” LaZebnik told A.V. Club. “Looking around, you can’t help but see the vibe in there — the partners (employees), the regular customers, the flow of morning traffic. We thought we could bring that to life in a really fun way.”

The writers used LinkedIn to cold pitch the series to Starbucks execs, which actually worked. Hey, LinkedIn isn’t useless after all!

The first episode of “1st & Main” premiered Friday and featured a porcupine couple thinking about baby names. Each time the barista called out a drink, like “Tall Peppermint Hot Chocolate for Chloe,” the couple scribbled down a name option. Cue Chet, a thirsty for attention beaver who for some reason really, really wants his name on the list.

He just wants a little love.

It’s cute and manages to poke fun at #StarbucksLife in a way that shows how much the writers also sort of love the coffee retailer.

Six more episodes are to follow, so we’ll get to see a lot more of Diego, Iggy, and the rest of the crew. And hopefully find out why poor Chet cares so much about that baby name. Let the Starbucks drama ensue.