These siblings picked surprise tattoos for each other and it made us so nervous

A new BuzzFeed Yellow video has us flailing with nerves, because, OMG, these siblings picked out surprise tattoos for each other and GOT THEM WITHOUT SEEING THE DESIGN FIRST. Like, talk about trust.

Claudia explained, “We have chosen tattoos for each other. We have not told the other person what they are.”


“And we won’t know,” Ben said. “Until it is on our bodies.”.

Like, what? Hold up. Really?

“Forever,” Ben’s sister Melissa said of the surprise tattoos. Because it’s *literally* forever.

Yes, really. These siblings carried out the ultimate trust fall by picking out tattoos for each other. They worked with artists to combine pieces and create something totally unique for their sibling, with each piece very much based in something of significance.

As Claudia explained, “We worked really hard to have [this] be a wonderful supportive relationship, and it could all go to hell after this.”


Talk about seriously risking it all! We’re gnawing anxiously at our nails.

Luckily, it all worked out!

Andrea and Claudia loved their tattoos.


Both based in their childhoods.

As did Melissa and Ben!


Both based in the connectedness of their family.

We don’t know that we’ll be making such brave moves any time soon, but we’re *so* impressed RN with their ability to pick something that their sibling would love so much.

Watch the video below!

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