These puppies dressed up like Santa for a Christmas photoshoot and our hearts are bursting

It’s that time of year, friends, and that means that we’re basically obsessing over the world of amazing animal Instagrams in search of animals dressed up for the holidays. And, well, can you blame us?! It’s been a rough year, and we deserve the best of the best, and by that, we mean puppies dressed up like Santa.

Luckily, the adorable dogs of Instagram are here to give us just that!

Now introducing Leo, a super adorable french bulldog who has a whole lotta love for the holiday season.

This precious little sweetie just loves to dress up. Look at that smile!

And his favorite person to dress up as? SANTA.

As soon as the final Thanksgiving leftovers are eaten and done with, he’s ready to get all decked out and dazzling.

He just adores the holiday season, and we get it, because so do we.

He’s all giggles when he gets to rock his Santa hat, and *we’re* all giggles just looking at him.

Just look at that sweet, sweet face. Puppies dressed up like Santa for a Christmas?! We’ll take a MILLION.

Because, yeah, it’s not just one. There are *two* sweet little puppies dressed up like Santa!!!

Leo and bud Olive just love wearing their Santa costumes and hanging out all winter long.

They’re a perfect pair because Olive loves dressing up just as much as Leo!

What an adorable pair of pups!

We just wanna cuddle these little guys so, so bad!