These international pet names are so cute, you’ll want to adopt a pet and name her ASAP

Did you know there is an entire website dedicated to international pet names? Don’t worry, we just discovered it too and it’s amazing.

There are SO many cute pet names from other countries that you need to know about. It’s just the thing to brighten your week, trust us.

Okay, so we know that in America there are a lot of pups with the names, Rover, Max and Buddy, but what about in Germany? Or Japan? Or even Italy?

Thanks to Ace Pet Names, there are numerous pages — each one dedicated to its respective country — all about cute or traditional pet names. This includes both cats and dogs, and we’re kind of freaking out over the cuteness.

 Check out our favorites below:


Zitto: This adorable name means silent and quiet, for your pet that enjoys a long snooze.

Torta: We just love the meaning behind this one, it actually stands for cake. Isn’t that SO cute?

Farfelle: Doesn’t this sound like pasta? It actually means butterfly.

Todi: This is a go-to name for kitty cats and we can see why, it’s precious.


Kaffee: It’s German for coffee, so yes you need this one in your life.

Waldo: This pet name is a go-to for dogs in this country, and it’s too fun.

Guti: Guti is actually short for Gustav and we just love it so much.


Cherie: This sweet name means “dear” and it is definitely fitting for a French pet.

Lune: Why not name your best friend after the moon? It’s unique and sounds pretty.

Bebe: Okay, this is SO French! It’s sassy, simple, and chic.


Serg: This is a strong, intense name, and it’s ideal for a big dog.

Luba: This name is typically given to a passionate, powerful woman!

Misha: We love it!


Aiko: A name that means love, affection, and child, should be used for a small puppy or cat.

Saki: This name means blossom and hope, and we need to name our rabbit this ASAP.

Yumi: Can you say, cute pug name? We can!


Boyo: This is a short and fun phrase that means “a bit of a lad,” and really should be the name of every small animal.

Conall: If you want a name that means something strong, aka strong as a wolf, then this is the name.

Madi: This is an abbreviation for Madigan, which is “little dog” in Irish so yes, we need it for our pugs, or petite pups.


Jefe: Have a boss pup or kitty? Well, then this is your name, because it stands for chief, boss, or father.

Dulce: This means sweet, so we’re pretty sure it was meant for an orange tabby cat.

Fresco: It literally stands for “cool” in Spanish and we just love it as a pet name.

 Which name is your favorite?

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