These photos of the world’s largest wombat will make your Friday *so* much better

Looking for a new type of animal to get obsessed with? Why not the wombat?

After you meet Patrick the wombat, you’ll definitely be stoked on the adorable marsupials. What differentiates Patrick from the rest, is the fact that he’s the world’s largest wombat, and is currently a little over 30 years old.

Found as an orphan in 1985, Patrick celebrated his monumental 30th at the Victorian Wildlife Park just last year. Pretty impressive, being that if left out in the wild, Patrick likely would have just lived until the approximate age of five.

Know what that means? He pretty much takes the record for oldest wombat, as well.

Patrick made a bunch of new fans, when this adorable picture of him circulated on Reddit this morning.


Of course, Patrick is so legendary that another photo of him was posted soon after.


As it seems, a lot of people are quite fond of the large and adorable wombat.

Patrick’s Facebook page currently has over 52k likes, and not only do fans get constant pictures of the cutie, but they’re able to learn a few wombat-related facts as well.

What’s not to love?

According to his zookeeper, he was about 36 kilograms last year. Converted, that’s a little over 79 pounds. He’s been an estimated 40 kilograms before, but hey — he’s just like us. Sometimes he fluctuates.

If your week was not a particularly great one, just close your eyes and imagine a good ol’ snuggle with Patrick. He just looks like an amazing hugger, doesn’t he?

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