These mongooses interrupted a golf tour because they obviously couldn’t care less about silly human games

So, all animals wanna do is keep things simple, guys. Eat, drink, fend for their babies, thwart life-threatening attacks from predators and have a whole lot of fun. Those expectations aren’t *too* grand, right? Just look no further than this group of mongooses that interrupted a golf tour in South Africa because they obviously couldn’t care less about a silly human game that takes itself way too serious.

Proving that animals are naturally funnier than all of us, the scampering squad descended upon the green at the European Tour golf event, CNN reports. Much like this adorable bear cub that played with a golf flag while a player tried to get in a round or two, the mongooses* were not at all concerned with interrupting the game for some good old-fashioned fun.

In the footage shared on Twitter by The European Tour, the pack can be seen crossing the green and coming dangerously close to the ball:

And because they apparently love to shake things up, the animals returned for their close-up:

LOLZ. Someone needs to get these animals an Instagram page because they clearly don’t mind the spotlight.

*In case you’re wondering, the Grammar Girl confirms that the plural of mongoose is indeed mongooses. and not the sensible-sounding, non-word “mongeese.” Carry on.