These little boys standing on a “vibration plate” will make your inner kid extremely happy

Adulting comes with its fair share of challenges, but this charming, hilarious video of little boys standing on a vibration plate has us thinking that perhaps we need to take a childhood approach to solving our problems.

Seriously, the next time we get upset about something, we’re going to try these kids’ tactic because they are clearly having SO much fun with such a random piece of equipment, proving that they totally get the message behind Sia’s song “Cheap Thrills.”

Our rusty old adult minds would’ve never thought to re-purpose a product that’s been declared as one of the worst ways to lose weight, other than possibly recycling it or smashing it to smithereens with a hammer. Thankfully though, these twin brothers named Kenneth and Kenzo have the right idea about turning one fitness enthusiast’s trash into treasure and we absolutely LOVE them for it.

LOL! How cute are they? From the matching Spiderman kicks to the bro in the red outfit hitting jiggle-induced notes in different octaves, this video has us crying real tears from laughter.

The Instagram account that shared the twins’ vibration plate shenanigans also features a ton more videos of the boys being their adorable selves and forcing our faces into cheesy grins in the process.

Here they are in matching outfits, trailing a choo-choo train:

And fighting and making up for Christmas:

And bonding with mini horses:


That does it! These cuddly brothers officially win Instagram and we’re off to spend the rest of the day laughing and cooing at all of their cute posts.