These leggings are so comfortable and sturdy, you can basically wear them anywhere

It’s truly a form of emotional terrorism when people try to limit the concept of “pants” to uncomfortable and oppressive articles of clothing such as jeans. Anything that covers your legs and isn’t completely sheer (sorry tights) ARE PANTS. These leggings are so comfortable and solid that you can wear them every day for the rest of your life until your body disintegrates, and the leggings are then planted into the ground to fertilize a spirit tree. Wow, you may be wondering, which leggings are the best and possess this great power?! These new extra cozy leggings from the clothing brand American Giant are comfortable enough to replace pesky pants while being thick enough to keep the cold out.

Proving themselves more functional than most regular pants, they even have a small front pocket for keeping all your candies and love letters.

Check out that pocket goodness.


They designed this pair of pants with the express purpose of creating a “best-of-all-worlds” stretch pant that marries the comfort of leggings to the functionality of regular pants.

Look at the care and detail in this design.


You can buy The Pant from American Giant for $69


Now that there are leggings with pockets, we never have to return to jeans.

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