These latina creators are proudly asserting their identity through their art

With countless e-commerce initiatives and rapidly blooming brands, we lose track of many significant creators. No worries, we are here to help! We gathered a list of latina creators strongly dedicated to representing and empowering their community through their craft. In the midst of fast-fashion, these women offer a conscious, ethical, and cultural approach to their work. From clothing lines to photographs, these women are creating a space in the market for latinx voices and narratives by preserving culture and breaking down the glamorization of cultural appropriation.

Here’s a list of independent latina creators that excel in highlighting culture, and at the same time, providing affordable and high-quality products.

Bella Doña

Beloved Los Angeles duo, Lala Romero and Natalia Durazo, are the creators of Bella Doña. The brand is dedicated to reflecting the experiences of latinas in Los Angeles. It’s not an aesthetic — it’s a true narrative and document of being a woman in the barrio.  Bella Doña celebrates the black and brown women who are not commonly showcased in mainstream channels, yet whose cultural elements are constantly appropriated.

In an interview with HG’s Associate Beauty Editor, Alyssa Morin, Natalia Durazo explains the brand name:

“Our namesake is La Doña (María Félix) — she is somebody who we just looked up to. She was basically the Mexican Marilyn Monroe. We just always look up to game changers.

About the inspiration of the brand, LaLa Romero explains, “ I’m really passionate about connecting with people and figuring out how to push our culture forward. I was already passionate about my community, whether I was a Chicano studies major in school or dropping out to do music. My music is all about my culture transitioning into this shit we’re already really passionate about.”

Bella Doña has now evolved to become a space and community for women of color, with open dialogues of interest and issues across their social media platforms.


Raggedy Tiff

Jessica Resendíz is the mastermind and pulse behind Raggedy Tiff, a handmade clothing and accessory line dedicated to emphasizing latinx culture.

Resendíz displays an excellent eye for detail and quality — not only are the products handmade, but Jessica is the designer of each and every item. In a recent IG post, Jessica mentions, “It takes long hours of work and dedication, and at the end of the day I’m extremely grateful to be able to create for you all.”

She adds:

"Your patience and understanding means a lot to me because that means you understand what ‘making a piece from scratch’ is. It shows you respect our vision, our passion & time.

Jessica is devoted to creating products that truly reflect the essence of quality and cultural preservation.

Hija de tu Madre

Patty Delgado is the backbone of Hija de tu Madre, a brand with a name loosely translated to troublemaker. The women’s apparel brand focuses on Xicana experience, and addresses body diversity with sizes extending to 3XL. Hija de tu Madre is a statement of cultural crossroads, focusing on Virgen de Guadalupe jackets — hence asserting traditions and identity — but most importantly celebrating xicanisma. Patty states:

“The shop and blog are for muxeres who unapologetically celebrate their colorful culture as we try to make sense of two seemingly opposing identities.



Lisa Illa Rocha created Ilaments in 1999. She showcases Mexican culture and elements through fine and detailed jewelry. Lisa also embraces the power of beauty in traditional latina jewelry. The #cholaboss collection focuses on oversized hoop earrings reminiscent of the powerful latinas of barrios. With more than 15 years of experience, Lisa has organically delivered an honest approach of femininity crossed with cultural value.

Shop Mi Vida

Mi Vida is movement of fashion and social justice — a physical and online space that advocates for the advancement of latinx in creative industries. Mi Vida houses a variety of artists, however, produces original designs and exclusive products. From apparel to books and tote bags, Mi Vida is a space of handmade products from Los Angeles, with a vision to incorporate cultural elements into fashion and functional art. The physical shop, beautifully located in Highland Park in Los Angeles, also serves as an art gallery with monthly exhibitions of latinx artists.


Las Fotos Project


Las Fotos Project is a community-based organization working to inspire girls through photography, mentorship, and self-expression.  It is focused on empowering and guiding teenage girls in creative industries. The organization holds programs to teach girls to use cameras in order to explore their identity and build leadership.  Most importantly, Las Fotos Project provides opportunities for socio-economically disadvantaged girls to develop their confidence and self-esteem.  The work of the artists may be purchased at their annual gala Viva la Muxer, and the funds help allocate resources to programs and education.



The boutique is nestled in Viejo San Juan in the island of Puerto Rico and offers an extensive selection on its online store! Concalma is a characterized by its line of fairly-traded, functional, high-quality products that are designed by owner and designer, Matilsha Marxuach.

From tote bags to pillows and apparel, Matilsha manufactures with the support of women in Puerto Rico. Concalma is a creative space and hub for Puerto Rican artists. Aside from producing original designs, the store also hosts products made by local designers and artisans.


Let’s support women! Let’s support each other!