These Japanese bathrooms have fancy toilet paper for your iPhone

When you’re in the restroom, public or otherwise, you’ll be sure to use some toilet paper – but have you ever used toilet paper for your phone?

Restroom stalls in the Tokyo Narita International Airport are now equipped with smartphone wipes to keep your most-used device germ-free while you travel.

The wipes come as part of an ad campaign for NTT Docomo, which is part of Japan’s Telecom giant.

“The wipes double as ads for NTT’s wifi service as well as a travel guide app that offers voice translation for visitors to Japan,” writes the Huffington Post.

The ads will only remain in Narita bathrooms until March 15th.

Ad campaign or not, regularly wiping down your iPhone isn’t a half bad idea. Just think about how many times you touch that thing per day!

Science backs up the theory: A 2012 study found poop germs (ew!) on 100% of the eight phones randomly tested. According to a University of Arizona study, phone screens are 10 times dirtier than the average toilet seat.

Anyone else ready to incorporate iPhone sanitization into their restroom routine?