These Insta-famous puppies are giving us #RelationshipGoals and we’re actually squealing

Sometimes you just want something CUTE to free your thoughts. And these adorable pups do just that. By now, you probably know that we have a thing for the amazing dogs of Instagram. Now, meet Sebastian and Luna, two super stylish dogs that give us serious #RelationshipGoals. They’re so stinkin’ adorable, and their fame proves it. The Insta-famous puppies have a seriously dedicated following, and we can see why! Ugh, their love makes us so happy we can hardly stand it.

How sweet are Sebastian and Luna?! We’re getting all the feels right now.

The duo goes on so many adorable adventures around D.C., and we’re squealing. These costumes just kill us.

All we wanna do is meet up with Sebastian and Luna and take all the selfies. So. Much. Cute.

We’re pretty sure that these Insta-famous puppies are the most stylish little things we’ve ever seen!

All the feels, friends. All the feels.

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