These Hooters restaurants are looking to change their image to be more “family friendly”

When you think of Hooters, you don’t really think of “a great place to take the kids.” While famous for their unique and recognizable outfits for their waitresses (and their hot wings, of course) certain Hooters restaurants want to change their image for the future. And these changes will be starting in their new locations in Asia.

Neil Bailey, the president of Hooters Asia, said that he’s looking to revamp the iconic waitress wardrobe for the new locations set to open. While the uniforms will still be memorable, they’ll likely be a bit more modest.

For example, according to Mashable, the uniforms for Hooters in Jakarta are looking to include higher necklines and longer skirts.

Already, the uniforms seem to be slightly tamer. We can’t wait to see what the further changes will bring.

The reason for this change-over? They want to be culturally appropriate. It turns out that the planning crew also chatted with advisors from a nearby mosque, to figure out how to peacefully enter the community without being offensive.

So, will these changes ever hit America? It’s doubtful, but possible.

In fact, in January, news came out about a new chain called “Hoots” which focused more on the food than the outfits. So even if Hooters restaurants themselves won’t change, it’s obvious that the brand itself is trying to branch out and reach a wider audience.

(We just hope that visitors from Asia don’t get a big shock if they decide to take their kids to an American Hooters during a trip abroad…)

We think the new restaurants have definitely succeeded with their goal of taming things down, and have everything they need to make a bigger splash with the image renovation.