These Halloween-obsessed celebs are the perfect inspiration for your costume

Certain people just have that elusive knack for Halloween costumes. Year after year, they come up with creative, non-offensive ideas and implement them to perfection. They pull out all the stops for their costumes — from outfits to hair and makeup, they do it all to absolute perfection.

It’s not worth trying to compete against those people, so we suggest this instead: Use them as inspiration. Sure, you could always let that one friend who always aces Halloween be your guiding light, but why not take it to the next level? These celebrities are Halloween queens. They kill the game year after year, and their greatest hits will be perfect inspiration for any out there who is struggling to get their costume game on lock this Halloween.

Shay Mitchell

It’s only fitting that a star of one of TV’s scariest dramas would do Halloween this well. The multi-hyphenate’s Poison Ivy costume was amazing (that wig though!) and we can’t wait to see what she pulls off this year.

Lauren Conrad

The DIY queen always blows us away with her creativity. Her costumes are always handmade, adorable and just plain impressive. Do you remember when she dressed up as the tooth fairy? It was SO cute.

Kim Kardashian West

No one does sexy Halloween costumes quite like Kim K! She is always totally committed and absolutely stunning on the holiday. We especially loved the amazing makeup she rocked when she dressed up as a skeleton!

Naya Rivera

If you read the Glee star’s memoir, you know she pulled out all the stops to dress as a member of the Rugrats cast with her co-stars. We love this bridal throwback she picked shortly after marrying her husband, Ryan Dorsey, as well.

Ellen DeGeneres

We can’t even tell you what we loved more: The time she dressed up as long-lost Kardashian sister Karla (see above)…or the time she dressed up as her pal Sofia Vergara.

Emily Ratajkowski

Some people still think of her as the “Blurred Lines” music video girl. We prefer to think of her as a badass feminist who SLAYED her 2015 costume as Marge Simpson. We wonder how long it took her to apply all that yellow paint, though!

Gigi Hadid

The supermodel was ON POINT as Sandy from Grease last Halloween. We wonder if she and boyfriend Zayn Malik will break out a couple’s costume this year.

Ariana Grande

The singer calls Halloween her “favorite holiday bar none,” and we love that she’s not afraid to get a little bit spooky. That amount of fake blood takes some serious commitment!

Fergie and Josh Duhamel

When it comes to couple’s costumes, Fergie and Josh Duhamel are unmatched. Last year’s ode to Karl Lagerfeld and his kitty, Choupette, were complete and utter genius.

Heidi Klum

The undisputed queen of Halloween knocks it out of the park EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. Seriously, this woman’s knack for creating amazing costumes is next level. She shared a little sneak peek at this year’s look, and while we can’t tell what she’s working on, if it’s even a fraction as involved as last year’s Jessica Rabbit costume (seriously, she was unrecognizable), it’ll be scary good.