These ‘Grinch nails’ take holiday nail art to the EXTREME and Twitter is going crazy

It all started out innocently enough when Twitter makeup guru @BeauTuts shared a holiday nail tutorial on her page. It was hardly the first tutorial she’d shared — just check her brand new BeauTuts website — but this one was a little, well, different.

This wasn’t your typical glitter ombré manicure or colorful Christmas tree nails. Instead, it had a certain 3D element that made it stand out from the crowd.

Amongst all the amazing mani DIYs being shared on Twitter, this one had something special that caught viewer’s eyes.

This nail art was… furry. And the beauty community started freaking out.


The responses started pouring in immediately.


That’s when some people started to notice the similarities between these furry nails and a certain Christmas character.



Luckily, @BeauTuts had a sense of humor about the whole thing, and she knew just how to respond. false false

And then the whole thing absolutely blew up when someone made a Twitter moment.

But still, @BeauTuts just laughed it off. false

We’ve all stumbled across some weird tutorials in our beauty babe days, but we have to be honest.

We think these furry nails are kind of cute.

And they’re totally in the Christmas spirit. After all, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is one of our favorite holiday films. So why not — we’d give them a shot!

But if you’re a more classic beauty kind of gal (totally understandable), these snowflake nail tutorials might be more your style.