These grandparents are upset about this “inappropriate” Lush bath set they bought their granddaughter

When you think of Lush, the last thing that comes to mind is something that would be inappropriate for children. A pair of grandparents is very displeased with Lush, though, and they’re insisting that a bath set they bought their 8-year-old daughter for Christmas is the complete opposite of child-friendly. According to The Sun, the grandparents believe there was a lewd message on the Lush bottle, and they’ve called in to complain.

Richard and Tracey Shiner purchased a bottle of shower gel called Snow Fairy for their granddaughter Macy, along with a bath putty. They thought it would be a suitable gift for her. They also bought her 5-year-old brother Buddy some shower gel and a bath bomb. When Macy read the label on the bottle, though, things got, um, a little awkward.

Under the “How to use” section, it read, “If you really don’t know how, then we suggest you find someone you really like and invite them into the shower with you to demonstrate.” Macy’s grandparents were appalled at this, insisting it wasn’t age-appropriate material.

"It’s wrong. If I wanted something like that I’d have gone into an Ann Summers shop," the grandfather told The Sun.

He called Lush headquarters to complain about the label, and they responded by saying it was meant to be “tongue in cheek.” They offered to give him a couple of free bath bombs, but he wasn’t satisfied. He wanted the label to be changed.

Apparently, Macy’s grandparents aren’t the only people to feel so strongly about Snow Fairy. Lush has received four or five complaints about the product before. Whether they’ll actually do something about the label is unclear, although it doesn’t seem like they will. Richard said they didn’t take his name or address, so he doubts Lush will be following up with him anytime soon.

Hopefully Macy got something else age-appropriate for Christmas, because we’d hate to see an 8-year-old have her only gift taken away.

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