These gifts with perfectly lined up wrapping paper will finally give you peace and joy this season

The holidays can be (and often are) stressful AF, but we can find joy in one small, strange thing: gifts with perfectly lined up wrapping paper. We really don’t know how to explain the way that those clean, smooth, well-organized lines make us feel. Talk about oddly satisfying images. There’s just something about the moment when you lay the paper down and the pattern just sort of melts together, because you’ve done the impossible! It’s almost like being a superhero… right? We know this can’t just be us.

And it isn’t! We’ve found solidarity with the dozens of people online cheering on perfectly lined up wrapping paper, because we’re not alone after all. TG for all of y’all. We’re in this together!

So what are we talking about? When we say perfectly lined up wrapping paper, we mean this.

It’s really not easy at all.


But trust us when we say it’s an ah-mazing feeling of accomplishment.

It makes us SO HAPPY.

We feel so, so good when it all works out, and the work we put into wrapping our gifts was worth it.


This year’s gift wrappers are really trying to remember if wrapping paper had lines when we grew up, or if this is some new thing.


But regardless, we’re all grateful, because perfectly lined up wrapping paper is *so* niiiice.

And those of us who ended up with wrapping paper without the grid lines are feeling pretty bitter TBH.

Shout out to whoever invented those genius lines.

And shout out to Twitter for the solidarity.

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