These floating head makeup tutorials are FREAKISHLY awesome

Normally when we imagine Halloween makeup tutorials we imagine beauty vloggers instructing us on how to apply makeup like Wednesday Addams or how to blend the perfect sexy blood into our cat ears. However, the latest Instagram trend of floating head makeup tutorials takes classic Halloween makeup into a haunted house and effortlessly beheads it before becoming the new queen of cosmetic terror.

The concept of a makeup artist being able to create the illusion of disembodiment through floating head makeup tutorials sounds like something straight out of a campfire story, but several incredibly talented Instagram beauty bloggers have been trying out the trend and their results are pure nightmare fuel.

The makeup artist Victoria Whitlow made her head look like it was freshly sliced off her neck with long drips of blood flowing.

The haunting Aimee De La Torre even gave her followers a step-by-step guide on their own personal beheading.

Sabrina Warnick managed to create a gorgeous (but terrifying) skin rim effect around the bottom of her neck.

None of us will be able to restfully sleep after seeing this headless fortune teller.

This floating head makeup looks like a headshot if LA was fully swarmed with zombies.

These makeup looks prove you don’t have to keep your head on in order to be successful at what you do.

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