These fascinating DIY nail hacks have us dying to step up our nail game ASAP

By now, you probably know that we’re *so* into DIY beauty. So when we came across these incredible nail hacks for the perfect DIY manicure,  we were immediately taking notes. While we like to think we’re creative enough to make DIY nail hacks work out okay on our own, it’s just so much easier to listen to a pro when it comes to tricks for painting your nails, and doing it well. After all, why waste our nail polish (and gallons of nail polish remover, like, TG for that stuff) when we can give these nail art hacks a try?

These ultra chic DIY nail hacks would have us feeling so ~Rihanna~ in the best way! They’re just so, so creative.

We literally *never* would have come up with these super unique ideas. All the heart eyes!

And these more playful nail patterns have us TOTALLY in awe.

Plus, these designs are seriously edgy AF.

BRB, time to go give these ah-mazing DIY nail hacks a try!

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