These DIY unicorn bookends will bring magic to your book shelf

Add some sparkle and glitter to your room décor with this crafty DIY. Unicorns will always have a special place in our hearts and now we can share the magic with our love of books. These unicorn bookends are equal parts mystical and extraordinary, which is something we are always looking for in a good book as well. It’s the perfect combination.

To make these magnificent unicorn bookends, you need the star of the show, the unicorn itself! Use your favorite unicorn figure and cover it with shimmer and glam, aka tons of sparkly glitter. After you carefully saw the figure in half, glue each end to the wood pieces. With a few more steps, you’ll be left with a mystical creation. Check out the video below and don’t forget to stay magical.

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DIY Unicorn Bookends


Unicorn figurine
PVC saw
Decoupage glue
Foam brush
Spray paint
Wood scraps of the same width measuring approximately 3 in. and 6 in. (2 of each length)
Hot glue gun


1. Carefully saw the unicorn figurine in half.
2. Coat with decoupage glue. Add glitter and wait until dry.
3. Coat with more decoupage glue and another round of glitter if desired. Seal the glitter in place with a final coat of decoupage glue.
4. Hot glue the 3 in. wood pieces to the 6 in. wood pieces.
5. Add 1 coat of spray paint. Wait to dry and add another coat.
6. Glue the unicorn figurine halves to each bookend.