These delicious-smelling candles have a special surprise hiding in them

When we think of setting a romantic mood, many of us imagine a dim candle-lit room with Sade playing in the background, and maybe a few bottles of wine. However, most of us don’t imagine our delicious smelling candles are hiding a surprise in the center of their waxy core.

This romantic element of surprise was exactly what the brand Pearl Bath Bombs had in mind when they released their new line of Coconut Ring Candles, just in time for Valentines Day. Once you’ve burned your delicious candle for a few hours, a cocktail ring emerges out of the wax, as well as a code to potentially win another ring. This feels completely on brand considering Pearl Bath Bombs got their start promoting their rings hidden inside of bath bombs.

Their latest line of candles is perfect for people who want to add the element of surprise to their candle burning habit.

There are nine equally fresh scents available in this candle line.

The flavors include: Sea Salt & Ocean Mist, Strawberry Sorbet, Wild Blueberry, Limoncello Coconut, Coffee Espresso, Toasted Coconut, Soothing Eucalyptus, Brazilian Azai Berry & Pomegranate, and Peach Bellini.

You can check out the full line on the Pearl Bath Bomb website where each one sells for $25!

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