These dainty “one-line” tattoos are winning the internet, and we can see why

Like all things, tattoos often go through trending phases. A few years ago, it was all about birds. Then, white ink tattoos became all the rage. These days, dainty and minimal one-line tattoos are appearing on more and more human canvases around the world. And it makes a lot of sense as to why — they’re breathtaking.

Refinery29 spoke with tattoo artist Laura Martinez, who works at Fleur Noire Tattoo Parlour in Brooklyn, New York. She said that she gets clients coming in for one-line tattoos daily, and thinks that a lot of this trend may be because the needles used back in the day to tattoo clients were simply heavier than they are now — hence, heavier looking ink.

But even though they look simple, Martinez thinks they’re actually more complicated to create. While precision is important with all tattoos, a steady hand is of utmost importance with one-line tattoos. She actually said that a simple, 4-character design could take hours to get right. “If you lift your needle, you have to make sure you hit the same spot when you put it back down, and that can be difficult,” she told R29.

If you have a tattoo artist that you know could get the job done right, like Martinez, here are a few of our favorite one-line tattoos across Instagram that you can bring in for inspiration.

First, here’s one from Martinez herself.

And here’s another, which resembles a simple line at first glance. But looking at it closer, it says “rooster.”

Flowers are also a popular choice for a one-line tattoo.

One-line tattoos don’t necessarily have to be words — they can also be drawings that look like the pen (or needle, in this case) never stopped.

Sure, one-line tattoos may be a current trend, but we have a feeling that body art like this will never go out of style.

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