These completely black tattoos are giving off major artsy goth vibes

You probably already know that we dig blackwork tattoos, aka, tattoos that only use black ink. Nothing against color tattoos (we love color tattoos, too!), but there’s something especially stunning about black tattoos. And they go with everything! But these tattoos are *completely* black, and they’re seriously blowing our minds.

Created by tattoo artist @slumdog.tattooer, aka Slumdog, these black tattoos are truly like nothing we’ve ever seen before. They mostly create nature-inspired tattoos, like twists on traditional rose tattoos, and traditional tattoos of gorgeous pinups, but with a gothic spin.

If artsy, goth vibes are what you’re going for, these black tattoos are about to be your new favorite thing. 

Mind you, they’re not for the faint of heart. We can only imagine how long some of these take! 

We probably wouldn’t recommend one of these for your first tattoo, but seasoned tattoo-lovers may be ready to take on of these on.

Either way, they’re stunning as heck, and you’ll feel like a true work of art. 

What makes these different from blackwork tattoos is the amount of ink used. They’re seriously filled in.

Much of Slumdog’s designs are stunning, retro ladies. We dig it!

Roses are also a popular design. We’re loving this twist on the traditional rose tattoo.

Are you gonna give one of these a shot? We’re definitely considering it!

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