These cat-inspired scents let you smell like your favorite kitty, in case that’s something you’re into

Around here, we truly love kittens. Like, a lot. We’re so pleased to see the ~crazy cat lady~ label re-claimed and owned like no other. And if you believe that there’s no such thing as going too far when it comes to the kitty love, get ready to freak out. Why? Because cat-inspired scents actually exist.

Yeah, our minds are as blown as yours are! We’re so, so curious right now.

Meet Smashing Apothekitty, an apothecary of scents inspired by different cat breeds.

There’s actually a HUGE variety of cat-inspired scents.

We definitely dig the adorable labels.

But we’re still so confused about how to feel about this product!

Do we really want to smell like our cats?!

We love our cats, but we’re not so sure about smelling like ’em.

BUT, you should know that these don’t necessarily smell like cats. They’re just inspired by the personalities that tend to go with the different breeds.

And, TBH, we have to admit that we wouldn’t hate having our cats as our coworkers.

If these products are really calling your name, check out the Smashing Apothekitty Etsy shop!

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