These bulldogs enjoying the outdoors is the encouragement we need to get outside, because if they can do it so can we

We love, love, love dogs. And bulldogs are just so beautiful! There’s something about bulldogs that just gets us. Maybe it’s that, for some reason, bulldogs always look SO HAPPY. Regardless, we have a special place in our hearts for bulldogs. So when we learned about Insta-famous dogs Winston & Bentley Sundberg, we instantly found love.

One of our favorite thing about this doggy duo is how happy the outdoors makes them! While we dread leaving our living spaces on a regular basis (WE JUST WANNA HIDE IN BED RIGHT NOW, Y’ALL), these dogs are inspiring us to get TF out of our living spaces and try fresh air. Maybe it’ll make us as happy as it makes these adorable little guys.

No matter what the season, bulldogs Winston and Bentley can be found enjoying the ~great outdoors~ and it makes us wanna head outside ourselves!

How adorable are these two? Hint: SO ADORABLE. We wanna kiss those snuggly faces!

And they’re so full of energy! All they do is play, and we just love it.

We’ve never wanted some pups to play with more! Talk about encouragement to get outside.

Thanks for the fun times, Winston and Bentley! One day we’ll manage to kiss your faces, we just know it.