These bright and colorful gigantic wall paintings are so full of love and hope

As the weather grows colder and we continue to ride out this stressful election season, we’re craving an escape. Naturally, we’re turning to art! These bright and colorful wall paintings are are absolutely huge, and absolutely uplifting. While there’s much to be done as we attempt to take care of ourselves and each other in this trying time, it’s important to recognize the benefit of self care in the form of artistic escapism. And this art helps us do just that.

We already know that art helps lower stress levels, and creating art decreases stress even more! Maybe this will inspire you to create a gigantic wall painting of your own. We can totally see that going down as an epic #squad hang out.

Just check out this beautiful rainbow heart by Ygor Marotta. It’s HUGE, and so full of love and hope.

Get ready to be moved, friends.

From the inspiration…

To the work in progress…

To the final piece!

Plus, this digital graffiti is so, so trippy.

Set to music, this is absolutely the escape that we need right now.

And so is this stunning piece.

Oh, art. You continue to wow and amaze us! We’re so grateful for these gorgeous wall paintings.

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