These Bras Were Made For Hangin’ — And That’s Just What They’ll Do

A bra can be a super versatile object. Aside from its intended purpose as an over-the-shoulder boulder-holder, a bra can be burned in protest, flung on-stage at your favorite musician or hung from the ceiling of a bar in Wisconsin. When 87-year-old Marcy Skowrosnki was a rowdy young woman, she and her friends started the bra-hanging tradition at Holler House, a bar that’s been open since 1908.

Half a century later, and Marcy now owns the very bar where she first flung her bra. Holler House has become infamous in the area for their unique decor and Marcy wouldn’t have it any other way — Problem is, the city inspector was not quite as keen on the low-hanging boob baskets since they serve as potential fire hazards.

Honest to God, I can kind of see how hanging fabric could be an issue in a place that houses drunk people with lighters and/or pyro pervs, but Marcy, who first obliged the city inspector’s request, wanted those bras back where they belong (on the ceiling, not on people).

After missing the first appeal deadline, Marcy launched a massive media campaign to reinstate the time-honored tradition of bra-hanging at Holler House — and won! That is the power of persistence, people. And lacy garments.

Featured image via ABC News

[*After some minimal Googling, I’m told this implies a very expensive-looking, useless item and/or is the symbol of snooty extravagance.]