These blackwork tattoos are SO beautiful, and they look just like charcoal sketches

We love, love, love tattoos. They’re such an amazing form of empowerment and self expression, and they’re also simply beautiful. Some of our favorite tattoos are blackwork tattoos, though we love super vibrant, floral tattoos and unique traditional color tattoos, too! This Poland-based tattoo artist will seriously blow your mind. Meet Inez Janiak, an amazing blackwork tattoo artist who creates tattoos that look JUST like charcoal sketches. So if serious body art is your thing, get ready to fall madly in love. We just can’t stop scrolling through this ah-mazing feed!

Like, how incredibly trippy are these?

Love, love, love.

And they only get better.

MAJOR heart eyes.

We’re seriously craving one of these beautiful blackwork tattoos.

100000000% on board with these pretties.

Ugh, they’re seriously SO artistic, and so stunning.

BRB, we’ll be trying to find the perfect place for one of these stunners!

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