These birds love showering *so* much, and they are basically us every single day of summer

Fact: Standing under a stream of water is one of life’s most enjoyable experiences. Yes, we’re talking about showering, which we will appreciate even more now that summer has arrived. For the next few months, we will spend our days looking exactly like these birds that are obsessed with showering.

Ordinarily, watching someone else shower would be considered illegal, intrusive, and restricted to horror movie scripts, but fortunately we’re only peeking in on Harley the cockatoo and her brother Gizmo, not an actual person.

If you’re not already acquainted with this avian social media star, Harley the cockatoo is basically the coolest bird ever. On top of being gorgeous, she entertains the world with hilarious antics like sliding down a staircase banister, making a gourmet meal out of straws, and throwing back shots of lemonade.

Speaking of refreshing activities, Harley also really enjoys taking a nice, long shower.

She and her brother Gizmo don’t mind getting their feathers wet because feeling the moisture on their bodies feels SO good. They would probably spend their entire existence in the shower if their owners allowed it.

Raise your hand (or your claw) if you too have found yourself in this unshakeable state of post-shower bliss more times than you can count.

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GAH! This is literally us every single day of summer. We’d bet money that if someone asked Harley and Gizmo whether there’s a right amount of time to spend in the shower, they’d probably both say, “No. No, there is not.”