These best friend kittens are an actual dream come true

We heart cats. Probably the only thing cuter than being best friends with your cat is when your cat has another cat best friend! We all know that cats are the perfect best friends, so best friend kittens are basically the ultimate form of friendship. Plus, it’s ADORABLE. These beautiful Instagram kittens are giving us all the feels with their special bond and sweet cuddles, and it’s a *major* cuteness explosion.

Seriously, friends. How PRECIOUS are these cuties? We can hardly stand it!!!

Oh, our hearts. All we want is a pair of best friend kittens of our own! It’s just too much to take.

We just might burst from all this cuteness. They’re just so warm and cuddly!

Plus, these two are photogenic AF. Talk about talent!

We have all the love for these cuddly BFFs!