These are the two things Sofia Richie swears by when it comes to her skincare routine

Sofia Richie has grown up surrounded by glamorous women who know what’s up when it comes to skincare and beauty. And while her mom and her sister have definitely influenced and taught her many things, she’s going down her own path when it comes to taking care of herself and developing a skincare regimen that works for her! In a recent interview with WWD, she reveals her secret weapons:

"I have my Lancer skin regimen that I always do. And I’m coconut oil-obsessed. I travel with it. I just soak in it. When I sleep I put it in my hair and on my face."

They’re clearly working because her skin is always ON POINT.

You probably remember hearing about Dr. Lancer recently, as all his patients are completely devoted to him.

Kim Kardashian swears by his products and he’s got Victoria Beckham eating salmon every day! Dr. Lancer is all about taking care of your skin’s health from the inside-out by eating foods that are rich in water and vitamins, in combination with his product line, of course!

It’s clearly a successful combination, if these beauties are any proof!

As she stated, Sofia’s second beauty secret weapon is a bit more attainable for normals like the rest of us: coconut oil.

Not only is coconut oil super affordable, but its many uses make it one of the most convenient and low-maintenance beauty products out there that actually works! You can use it in your hair as a mask, slather it on dry elbows or feet, or use it all over your legs when you’re freshly out of the shower for maximum hydration!

We totally get why Sofia’s hopelessly devoted to her coconut oil — we are too!