These are the most popular nail trends in Los Angeles this summer

This summer, we’re scouring the Golden State for the season’s hottest trends from head to toe and taking style cues from our favorite California cities. Last week, we scoped out the best swimsuits in San Diego. Next up: some seriously gorgeous nail art trends sweeping Los Angeles. Welcome to Street Stylized: California.

We can sum up summer’s hottest nail art trends in one word: minimalist. But even though the looks are clean, they’re far from boring. Simple stripes and tiny, nuanced accents make for some of the most gorgeous manis we’ve ever laid eyes on.

As the classic style advice goes, less is more. And this summer, the same is true for nail art in Los Angeles.

Check out the summer’s most popular nail art trends in the City of Angels. They’re cute, creative, and best of all, you can easily DIY them at home!

Combining pretty pastels with minimalist design.

Don’t blink, or you’ll miss this winking eye nail art. It’s quirky yet chic, playful yet posh. And with a steady hand, you can easily recreate it for yourself.

Wearing your heart on your nails.

Heart tips are having a moment, and with good reason — they’re completely adorable. These pink and red shades come from the new OPI California Dreaming Collection, so grab ‘em both and put a little love on your hands. Heart-eye emojis for days!

Painting two accent nails.

We’re still firm believers in the accent nail trend. So much so that we support sporting not one, but two accent nails. Not convinced? This simple yet chic turquoise and tangerine mani will probably change your mind.

Redefining a classic.

We’ve never seen a French manicure quite like this — and we love everything about it. Nail technician Hang Nguyen calls her tiny minimalist masterpiece “The French Line,” and we want to try it ASAP.

Contrasting your colors.

This stylish striped mani manages to be both minimalist and maximalist at the same time. The shimmery granite and pastel pink colors look SO good together. Another win for the new OPI California Dreaming Collection.

Going totally tropical.

Like we said, we’re big fans of the accent nail. We’re also big fans of all things pineapple-printed. Together, the two trends are a match made in mani heaven.

Painting the rainbow.

Not feeling the minimalist trend? Paint every nail a different color! The brighter the better, we say. Your hands will look great for this summer’s inevitable ice cream Insta pics.

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