These are the most popular holiday cookie recipes on Pinterest and we’ve literally never heard of some of them

Now that we’re rounding out the first full week of December a lot of us will be spending each weekend baking our favorite holiday cookie recipes. There aren’t a lot of weekends left to spend time in the kitchen before gift giving begins so planning out your baking schedule is going to be the key to doing that giant baking list with the least amount of stress.

If you’re still on the hunt for new holiday cookie recipes, Pinterest is a great go-to place to find unusual and tasty treats that go beyond the typical gingerbread men. These holiday cookie recipes are already a hit on the social sharing site and chances are you’ll find a new favorite here, too.

Buttery Jam Thumbprint cookies

These cookies are one of the top-pinned this year at nearly 240,000 times.

Crinkle cookies are also a hit this year and there are a few different recipes.

Classic crinkle:

Or you can try salted-caramel:

And there’s also some amazing looking brown butter cinnamon recipes too!

Cranberry-infused recipes are also popular on Pinterest this holiday season.

And we can see why with these recipes because they’ve never made cranberry sound better!

Tree-themed treats are always fun to make for the holidays and these two recipes are going to be on our list because they are adorable.

We know people love the simplicity and ease of using their crockpot and turns out you can use it to bake, too!

If you’re a fan of red-velvet treats, people have created alternative recipes and we’re like YAH!

Like these red-velvet crinkle cookies:

And these snowflakes are going to be an issue for anyone trying to cut back on the sweets:

We’ve found some new recipes we’re going to try from these bunch and we wish you all happy baking!