These are the best Disney dogs, hands (or paws!) down

There is so much talk about how great Disney princesses are, and rightfully so! They are powerful women with great hair and big hearts. But what about the unsung heroes of the Disney family? What about our furry four-legged friends? I’m talking about the dogs of Disney, of course! They deserve some attention, too. We all know and love our famous canine friends: the street smart Dodger, with New York City heart. The pasta-loving duo we all know as Lady and Tramp. The crazy-in-love Pongo and Perdita. Not to mention one of the worlds most famous Disney dogs, Mickey’s best pal Pluto!

There are so many more pups who don’t get their own stories told who deserve a little more of your attention next time you decide to curl up and rewatch some of your favorite Disney films. Here is a rundown of some of the best Disney dogs that I think need a little more love and heck, maybe their own spin off movies:

Bruno from Cinderella


Bruno is one of Cinderella’s best animal friends. He’s also one of the first royal dogs!  He is very loyal and loving to her while they live in the house that is ran by the evil stepmother and stepsisters and Bruno’s sworn enemy, the cat Lucifer. Bruno is even there for Cinderella when she goes to the ball, as he is transformed into the footman to help her get there and back.

Nana from Peter Pan


Get you a dog that can do both…be a dog and your nanny. Nana is protective of the Darling children and has many responsibilities, such as getting the children ready for bed, tidying up for them, and giving them their medicine. Michael, John, and Wendy love her as if she was human, and even try to get her to come to Neverland with them. She is basically the Mary Poppin’s of dogs.

Napoleon and Lafayette from The Artisocats


While cats may be the main subject of this movie, pay attention to the subplot of these two. They provide some serious comic relief in an otherwise pretty stressful film.  They love to chase after humans who drive by their hay-stack of a home and even help (unintentionally) stall Edgar’s plan to get rid of the cats. Without these two chasing after Edgar’s motorcycle, Duchess never would have met and fallen in love with Thomas O’Mally!

Little Brother from Mulan


He helps Mulan with her morning chores, and that’s pretty much priceless in my book. Honestly, he’s the best little brother a girl could have (no offense to any of your little brothers). Fun fact: He also makes a guest appearance in Tarzan, when a mini Little Brother falls out of the professor’s pocket!

Toby of The Great Mouse Detective


Toby is Basil’s upstairs neighbor at 221B Baker Street, where he lives with the one and only Sherlock Holmes! He plays a major role in Basil and Dr. Dawson case, helping to sniff out the bad guys as well as providing them with a mode of transportation. Now, let’s take a moment to think if he could someday be incorporated into Sherlock. Imagine Benedict Cumberbatch with a sweet little Basset Hound named Toby.

Max from The Little Mermaid


Max is living his best life with Prince Eric. Hanging out on boats, chillin’ at the beach, playing matchmaker. Max plays a very important role to the story. He met Ariel first, while she was spying on them while they partied on the boat. With her scent, he was able to help bring Eric over to Ariel when she was a human on the beach. If only he could have talked to tell Eric that Ariel was the one who saved his life from the ship wreck, then the entire movie would have only had to be 20 minutes long. We could have skipped the whole almost married to Vanessa thing, which again Max tried to warn Eric he was making a big mistake.

Percy from Pocahontas


Everyone should aspire to live like Percy. He enjoys the finer things in life to the fullest. In the beginning Percy is a snooty little pug who won’t tolerate Meekos’ antics. But over time we watch as they help each other out and really become best friends. Percy has one of the best character arcs on Pocahontas. His story proves that once you walk in the footsteps of a stranger, you learn things you never knew you never knew!

Peg and the rest of the Dog Pound Gang from Lady and the Tramp


Peg was the queen of the pound. She just seemed to always find herself back there, even after Tramp saved her from the pound cart the first time. Peg had that confident attitude and defended Lady when she found herself locked up. She also has one of the best solos, “He’s a Tramp.” She shows up in a couple other Disney Films including 101 Dalmatians and Oliver and Company. But really, I love all those pound pups because I want to rescue them all and maybe start a jazz band with them, they had great harmony.

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