These are the beauty tips the HelloGiggles staff learned from their mommas

When it comes to our love for all things beauty, some of us can thank our moms for being the ones to first introduce us to makeup or some semblance of an early skin care routine. We’ve learned so much, either from curiously watching our mothers get pretty’d up before going out, or through (sometimes scary) warnings they never hesitated to tell us. From the importance of sun protection to finding the perfect lipstick, there are so many beauty-related things we swear by that originated from dear Mom.

To celebrate Mothers’s Day, the HelloGiggles staff rounded up some of the most memorable beauty advice we’ve gotten from our mommas.


"Wear sunscreen every day. Please never go fake tanning." — Mom of Emily Popp, Deputy Editor


"Every time I look at a bottle of water, I think of my mom. In fact, as you're reading this, I likely received a text from her asking if I've consumed enough water today. Though my momma is makeup-free, she was all about teaching me how certain foods and drinks affect my body. Water was always a big one, and drinking it has become an essential part of my beauty routine since Day One." — Anna Gragert, Associate Editor


"You always have to put on lipstick when you leave the house. And always use moisturizer!" - Fannie, mom of Marie Lodi, Beauty Editor


"Either your eyes or lips need to be dramatic, not both. I did that in the '80s and it didn't work out." — Crissy, mom of Alyssa Morin, Associate Beauty Editor


"My mom taught me about beauty by example. As far as makeup, she hardly wears any, and instead sticks to lipsticks in punchy reds, deep pinks, or brownish-burgundies. Her natural skin is a butter-smooth canvas. She’s fastidiously clean, and usually washes her face with just plain African black soap and water. She never leaves the house without a scent, rubbed between her wrists with enough pressure, I’m sure, to create warmth. I don’t always follow her lead (your twenties are for being foolish, right?), but I admire it more than anything." — Nicole Adlman, Video Copy Editor


"You need more color on your lips." - Teri, mom of Senior Editor Madison Vanderberg


"My mom looks so young most people think she’s my sister. Her secret? Drinking lots and lots of water! Also organic face masks! We’ve been doing face masks since I was a teenager. Every weekend we would mix egg whites, honey and lemon while watching our favorite telenovelas." — Iris Barber, Office Manager


"ALWAYS wear sunscreen on your face and neck, because you will regret not having done more for your skin when you're older. She also continually reminds not to over-pluck my eyebrows, because once you do it enough 'they don't grow back.' But perhaps my favorite piece of beauty advice is this: 'Get bold red lipstick out of your system when you're young.' She says that as you age, bolder colors exacerbate the look of fine lines, so you tend to gravitate towards them less." — Toria Sheffield, Editor


“I’ve seen my mom wearing lipstick every day for my entire life. I’ve been doing the same for almost five years, since I was a senior in high school. My mom taught me the magick in finding a great shade of lipstick! She also always taught me that 'beauty' was more about how you felt than anything else. If you feel good, you’ll look good. Sometimes this starts on the inside, sometimes it starts because you’re wearing something like a beautiful lipstick that makes you feel dazzling. My mom always taught me that taking care of yourself FOR yourself is key. And that loving and appreciating every level of your beauty, inside and out, is what matters most.— Gabriela Herstik, Latina Culture Writer


"My mom always taught me to use sunscreen every single day and moisturize with organic coconut oil. She also reminded me that quality matters over quantity, so it's better to have a few high-quality products in your medicine cabinet than a whole heap of cheap ones. She's 65 and her skin is still glowing beautifully!" — Gina Florio, Senior Health Editor

"My mom always pretended like she didn't know I secretly went through her makeup drawers (even now), and for that I will be forever grateful. She taught me to use coconut oil to remove makeup, to mix foundations if you can't find the right color, and to love yourself with or without eyeliner (something that's a lot easier with my mom's support)." — Christina Wolfgram, Video Producer, On-Camera Talent

"Tweezers are your friend, and mascara is the perfect product for when you have no time, but want to feel a little fancy." — Mom of Rachel Sanoff, Features Editor

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