These 3 popular clothing brands are expected to take over in 2017, and we’re so here for it

We’ve always had a thing for looking back at the start of a new year and seeing what we were all about. There’s just something so interesting about seeing what ~ruled our lives~ in 2016! And based on what happened in 2016, these popular brands are expected to take over in 2017. Honestly, we can’t say we’re surprised! Plus, it’s nice to know that some of our favorite brands are on the up-and-up in the coming year. Our hearts always break when our fave stores shut down or disappear altogether. Luckily, that’s unlikely to happen with these three popular brands.

 According to Business Insider, these are the top retailers to watch this year. There’s something about each of these that has really become a deep part of our culture, and it’s so interesting to see what shops we just keep going back to.

1American Eagle


Now, the fact that American Eagle is one of the most popular brands around these days isn’t too surprising. They absolutely killed it by making Aerie one of the first major brands to commit to no longer photoshopping their models. Like, HELLO body positivity!

According to Business Insider, analyst Neely Tamminga wrote in the report,

"Given their body positivity and inclusion messages while continuing to invest in its core competencies of fabric and style, American Eagle's hard work and focus is clearly paying off in finding more customers than before."

We’re SO about this.

2Victoria’s Secret


And leave it to good ol’ Victoria’s Secret to still be going strong in 2017. Whether you’re obsessed with the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or not, it’s hard to deny the hold they maintain on so many people around the country. It doesn’t hurt that the models got so much more relatable this year, and that we finally got to see some stretch marks and un-retouched images in 2016. Fingers crossed for even more of that in 2017!



Last but not least, Lululemon. Despite accidentally starting a Twitter war with Beyoncé fans and stressing us out with $300 leggings, the brand remains iconic. Like, hey, it’s a status symbol, and some of their stuff is pretty cute. Don’t knock it ’til you try it, right?!

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