There’s a Reese’s peanut butter chocolate spread, so all food just got better

Spoons of the world, prepare yourselves. You’re about to get used. A lot. Reese’s just released a peanut butter chocolate spread which we will be shoveling in our maws promptly.  Part peanut butter, part chocolate, 100% what dreams are made of. It’s like an RPB cup without any chewing involved. Lazy eaters, rejoice!

The newest spread on the block joins the other Hersey’s varieties already out there: chocolate, chocolate with hazelnut, and chocolate with almond.

On Hershey’s website, they’ve actually got easy recipes that you can make with the spreads, and they’ve already got two suitable for chocolate peanut butter goodness. The two recipes are listed as “beginners,” so that basically means they’re foolproof for us to try out. One shows using the spread on dried applies (complete with peanut chunks). The other has the spread on bananas and they’re called “Banana Buttons” because they’re cute as a button and you can eat a thousand of them, basically. Hersey’s describes the spread as, “like butter only better.” That is a truth fact.

I still like to put peanut butter on bananas, but now a chocolaty peanut butter mix on my fruit? I can’t wait to get my hands on a jar of this. And with holiday baking sprees coming up, the possibilities are endless as to what it can be mixed in. First up. I’m going to dip a RPB Cup in the damn jar and eat them together like a boss, because someone has to do it. (Though I probably won’t be the first.)

Images via here and here.