There’s now an aerosol nail polish remover spray that will moisturize your nails

Far too many of us have suffered the tyranny of nail polish remover. You’re all excited to settle in and throw a DIY manicure night, and then —  boom, the bottle of nail polish remover spills on the carpet and everything smells and (emotionally) feels like a chemical hell. Take comfort, though, because there is hope on the horizon for our nails.

As a response to the litany of frustrating nail polish remover stories, the nail genius Tam Tran has created an aerosol spray nail polish remover that not only makes the process easy, but also, contains hydrating ingredients to boost the health of your nails.

HelloGiggles was lucky enough to meet up with Tam Tran, the founder of Nail Aid (which also sells deep nail conditioning treatments and foot gels), about her inspiration for the spray polish remover.

Tran told HelloGiggles,

"Nobody in this industry has put moisturizing ingredients in nail polish remover like this. That's why we came out with it. All the ingredients are mixed so well, that when you spray it on, it feels misty."

The Nail Aid spray polish remover comes in three different formulas: an Acetone Spray Remover with Hyaluronic & Collagen ($7), a Non-Acetone Spray Remover with Ceramide & Coconut Oil ($7), and an Acetone Spray Remover with Keratin & Cocoa Butter ($7).

The different formulas were designed to cater to women’s different skin and nail types, as well as their seasonal needs. Tran said that her own struggles with dry nails inspired her to invent a nail polish remover with moisturizing properties.

"We figure its good to have different formulas for different women, just like you use different products for hair, the same goes for nails. I said to myself, I have this problem with my nails, where they get dried out and sometimes they split. I figured, if I'm in the nail polish business and I can't even take care of my nails, what about other women? That's why I came up with an acetone remover that has additional hydrating ingredients to moisturize your nails. Also, it doesn't have a strong odor," Tran said.

Each of the aerosol spray removers come in a cute, brightly colored bottle that has a lock setting, so you can safely carry it in your bag without an accident.

Also, the combination of moisturizing ingredients help the nail polish wipe off smoother, in one fell swoop. So, there’s no rough or drying scrubbing. Tran sprayed a cotton ball and did one of my nails, and I must say, it worked.

If you’re as excited about the idea of bringing back DIY nail night as we are, be sure to check out the full line through the Nail Aid website, or at a Walmart location.

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