There’s a new villain on “Once Upon a Time” and everyone should be concerned

The season finale of Once Upon a Time aired last night, and whoa, THERE WAS DRAMA.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be warned. There are spoilers below. Major ones. So you should probably just go watch it right now, then come back and read this. (Go ahead. We’ll wait.)

Okay, ready? Let’s proceed…

The big news is that there’s a new dude in town. (Or should we say dudes? Plural.) Dr. Jekyll has rolled into Storybrooke. And um, let’s just say that while he seems super chill and all, he’s got a little personality issue.

Being the super smart doctor that he is, Jekyll has invented a serum that can separate the good from a bad in a person. So yeah, you guessed it. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are now running around as two completely separate people, leaving Hyde with all 24 hours a day to commit to being evil incarnate.


Oh and guess, what? He makes a deal with Rumple to wake up Belle. And you just know there will be consequences. There are, of course. At the end of the episode, Hyde announces to everyone in Storybrooke that he owns the place now. BOOM. Mic drop.

Meanwhile, Regina kind of liked the idea of the serum. Afraid that her inner bad girl is just biding her time waiting to come back out, she decides to get injected with the serum and kill Regina once she’s a separate person. Sounds like an easy enough plan, right?

Wrong. So very wrong.

Regina thinks it’s a success, but of course by the end of the final, the Evil Queen proves otherwise. That’s right. Steer clear of the apples, guys. SHE’S BACK.




Okay, maybe. But just for the summer.

Because Once Upon a Time comes back in the fall. And gosh, our favorite fairy tale characters now have the Evil Queen AND Mr. Hyde to contend with. That’s a LOT of evil lurking about. But the Charmings and the rest of the gang are used to it by now.


We believe, Snow! We believe!