There’s an incredibly beautiful flower carpet in Brussels, and we’re dying to go see it

The world can always use a little bit more beauty, but some places prefer to do it big, and by big, we mean HUGE. As in over 600,000 flowers! Located in Brussels by the Grand-Place, the very first Flower Carpet of Brussels was created in 1971 is re-created every 2 years, and it’s about as beautiful as it gets.

It’s over 250×80 feet of totally stunning, and perfectly vivid, flowers.

It’s SO PRETTY. We definitely get why people travel from all over to see it.

Every year, the Flower Carpet of Brussels is accompanied by music, and it’s the most incredible concert.

We need to go there, like, ASAP.

The nonprofit Tapis de Fleurs and over 100 volunteers bring the carpet to life every two years.

Seriously an impressive feat.

This year’s flower carpet is the 20th anniversary, and is celebrating 150 years of Belgo-Japanese friendship.

This is actually so incredible, and important, too.

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