There’s going to be a Trump-inspired “SVU” episode, and here’s the epic teaser

If there’s one thing we love, it’s a good old-fashioned “ripped from the headlines” episode of Law and Order: SVU (you know the ones). And it looks like Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump may have inspired an upcoming episode.

As you can see in the above promo, it looks like a politician (played by Pineapple Express’ Gary Cole) faces accusations from several women and the resulting controversy threatens to unravel his path to office.

Hmmm…sound familiar?

"I'm a handsome, charming millionaire — women throw themselves at me. Know that I have nothing to hide," the politician awkwardly defends himself in the promo.


Ugh. It’s almost too real.

And just in case you need a low down on what’s been happening in the Trump-o-sphere the last few weeks, on October 3rd, a news story accused Trump of making inappropriate comments to female contestants on The Apprentice when he hosted the TV show.


Then, a few days later, a storm of backlash descended on the candidate after The Washington Post released a shocking video of him boasting about taking advantage of women because his position and status allowed him to.

In the midst of it all, a number of Republicans have withdrawn their support for Trump, while others are urging him to drop out of the race entirely (because this is simply NOT OKAY!).

The new Law & Order: SVU episode — if you can stomach how close it is to real life — premieres on October 26th on NBC.

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