There’s going to be a Furby movie and we’re already saying “I love you”

Furbies are back! Soon, instead of just seeing them in stores and homes, they’ll be on the big screen, too. Yup, there’s going to be a Furby movie, according to Cinema Blend, and we’re beyond excited.

Who can we thank? TWC-Dimension’s Bob Weinstein. He revealed a slate of five movies under the film label, including the one based on Furbies, reported Variety.

“I’m rolling the dice and playing for hits, Weinstein said in front of about 100 buyers at the American Film Market (AFM).

What will the format be for the Furby movie? Live-action and CGI hybrid, according to Hasbro executives Stephen Davis and Josh Feldman. In other words, think Alvin and the Chipmunks.

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According to Davis, the movie can “resonate as a four-quadrant film,” aka four demographics of Furby fans — it “can’t just be a 90-minute commercial.”

We hear that.

Btw, ICYMI, the robotic Furby toy came out back in 1998 via Tiger Electronics. Some thinks it resembles an owl. But no matter what it resembles, one thing’s for sure: It became a ~huge~ hit. Who knows? Maybe you were one of the people who had one (or several — no one’s judging).

In just three years, 40 million (!) Furbies were sold — 40 million, according to Hot Toy Guide.

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Since that time, the Furby has grown in its capabilitiesvoice recognition and more facial movements, anyone? — and Hasbro started producing the toy in 2005.

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Aside from speaking English and other languages, let’s not forget about the Furby language that the toys share. Plus, they can speak to each other.

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A bit spooky, riiiight?

And, they even have their own smartphone app.

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But back to the future Furby movie. As of yet, no director is attached, but Feldman joked, “We’re out to David Fincher.

Yes, please.

Meanwhile, we’ll just have to get our Furby fix via the app or an IRL Furby, so to speak, amirite? Who’s with us?