There’s an app that lets you try on engagement rings from your phone

As Pokémon Go mania has shown us, you can pretty much bring anything to life with augmented reality. And now that even includes trying on engagement rings.

A new app that you can get which allows you to virtually try on all sorts of styles of engagement rings.

All you do is upload a picture of your hand and then browse for styles you like. Once you pick one, you can place it on the picture of your hand and get a sense of what it might look like IRL.


If you find one you like, you are redirected to a place where you can order it right then and there.

The Russian-based company “Try On Guru” is the brains behind this brilliant operation. And this isn’t the first time they’ve taken a stab at and has previously dabbled in augmented reality for ring shopping with another app called “Shop 4 Rings.” Their new app seems to work out the kinks of its predecessor and is surprisingly easy to use (and pretty fun to play around with whether you’re actually engaged or not).

While everybody has a different way of approaching marriage, it is certainly a really cool idea that can make it a lot easier to know exactly what kind of rock you want to rock in your future (if, of course, that’s your thing).


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