There’s an iPhone glitch that won’t let you type the letter “i,” and people are mad

It’s usually a give in that every time you upgrade your iPhone’s operating system, it takes some time for kinks to get worked out. The most recent iPhone glitch won’t let people type the letter “i” and shows a random emoji of a question mark in a box with a letter “A” next to it instead. And it’s driving people absolutely insane.

On the plus side, the iOS update means you now have tons of new emojis, like a mermaid, zombies, and even a breastfeeding mother. You’re just not able to spell a lot of stuff…

If only phones could work perfectly, all the time.

Apple is currently asking people to DM them to work through the problem with their tech support team. The company tweeted to one user, “We can offer some assistance. DM us the iOS version of the device you’re experiencing this on. We’ll go from there.”

Some people have already found a work around, like typing out “eye” to substitute for “i,” which is admittedly sort of extreme. Others are suggesting that the best way to fix the bug is by restoring your phone entirely.

Either way it’s annoying AF.

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In the meantime, Apple Support has also suggested going into your settings and setting up a text replacement, where you replace the capital “I” with an “i.” Others on social media have also said that turning off predictive text in your settings will temporarily solve the problem, too.

According to various users on the internet, the bug is rolling out to groups of users in batches. So just hope that Apple fixes it before it makes it to your phone. Or just hold off on going through with the software update until everything’s worked out…though it’s really hard to resist those mermaid emojis! Maybe it’s worth a few typos?