There’s a VERY small list of shows that won’t be impacted by the impending Writer’s Strike

In case you hadn’t heard, the impending writer’s strike is just one week away, and it’s looking more and more like it will (probably) actually happen.  

Yesterday, Writers Guild of America members overwhelmingly voted in favor of WGA leadership ordering a walkout on May 2nd, the day after the current contract with network studios expires. The strike authorization was approved by a whopping 96.3% of the vote, with a record turnout.

In simple terms, this means, unless a sudden agreement between the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers (AMPTP) happens, a strike is happening. A lot is at stake with this looming strike, from the final three episodes of Saturday Night Live and late night talk show to delays to the entire fall television line-up.

For those panicking about what to watch during the strike (in addition to *endless* reruns of Law & Order: SVU and NCIS), there are a few shows that won’t be disrupted by the strike — and we mean few. Most of the show’s the won’t be affected are those that will have completed production by May 2nd or are far enough in production to not be facing major delays.

Here are the show’s that won’t be affected by the impending Writer’s Strike:

1. American Gods, Starz, April 30th

2. Twin Peaks, Showtime, May 21st

3. Orange is the New Black, Netflix, June 9th

4. Orphan Black, BBC America, June 10th

5. Preacher, AMC, June 25th

6. Game of Thrones, HBO, July 16th

7. Outlander, Starz, September Date TBA

8. Stranger Things, Netflix, October 31th

While there will likely be a few more series that won’t be impacted by the looming strike, these few shows are just a handful of the hundreds of original programs that air every night. The WGA is currently trying to negotiate with the AMPTP for better minimum wages, health care coverage, fair residuals (which has changed due to streaming), and a plethora of other issues.