This “Ta-Ta Towel” for your boobs has lit the internet on fire

The summer struggle with boob sweat is real. Very real. That’s why we’re kind of surprised that it took someone this long to invent the Ta-Ta Towel for your summer boob needs. The towel is pretty much held in place by your own ta-tas, and helps combat the damp feeling you might get under there post-shower. And of course, you can wear it around the house — unless you’re rooming with someone you’re not super comfortable with. Or your parents. But hey, your call.

The genius towel was created by a girl named Erin Robertson who was incredible enough to start her own business based on the product. According to her website, she thought up the idea while getting ready for a first date.

Unfortunately, her A/C unit broke, which made her really feel the heat.

" I couldn't be the only person to have boob-sweat issues while getting ready," Robertson wrote. "There had to be something on the market to fix this. So, I went home and got online, looking for an answer. But all I could find were maxi-pad-looking things that you stick in your bra. I didn't want to wear a bra while I was getting ready or just lounging around the house. I wanted my 'girls' to be free!"

Robertson learned how to sew — thanks to YouTube — and made a prototype of her invention. After handing them out to her friends, she realized that her product didn’t just keep the underboob area dry, but it was handy in preventing rashes.

As a bonus, it was also a lifesaver for breastfeeding moms. All in all, a total win.

Women are taking to Twitter to express relief over the fact that a product like the Ta-Ta Towel finally exists.

Robertson isn’t the only person to have boob-sweat issues, after all.

Ta-Ta Towels are currently on sale for $45, and due to high demand, those who order should expect to see their life-saving product in four to six weeks.

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